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How to Make Effective Upselling Part of Your Hotel’s Culture?

In hospitality, you’re always trying to do just a little bit better, both in terms of the experience you offer guests and the revenue you generate from it. Implementing new ideas and making them part of your property’s culture can seem challenging in that case. But with the right training, it’s easier than you may think. In this piece, you’ll find out how to use a modern approach to staff development to encourage your team

Mobile First: How to Boost Hotel Visibility and Drive Direct Bookings

Customer behavior is evolving from search to interaction, and mobile is driving this shift. Hotels that rethink their guest communication to meet new and evolving behavior will boost their hotel visibility and drive their direct bookings. In this article, we reveal the mobile behavior trends shaping the hospitality industry and how hotels can leverage them to improve their guest experience and increase direct sales. The Rise of the Zero-Click Search When you Google something, do

How Hotel Automation Increases Early Check-in & Late Checkout Revenue

When you hear the word automation, it may conjure up images of a future where artificial intelligence and robots take over jobs. The reality, however, is much more nuanced. The notion of automation generally remains ossified in this physical, machine-replace-labour frame and is perceived as another step toward automation-led obsolescence. Automation in Everyday Life Discussions about automation all too often focus solely on distant possibilities. Surprisingly many people don’t realize the scale of current automation